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    Chinese food, feed, edible oil processing industry Exhibition and Conference held in 2014

    Time: 2014-05-09      Browse:68

    China Bakery & Confectionery Industry Association inaugural meeting of food grease Committee held in Beijing , organized by China Association of Bakery & Confectionery Industry , and get the benefits of Kerry Group's strong support.

    In baking Sugar Association chairman Nianlin Zhu , vice chairman and secretary general Zhou Guangjun , vice chairman Gong Shenglin , Jiangnan University Professor Wang Xingguo , deputy secretary general of the Association Zhao Yanping , Zhang Jiukui as well as the person in charge of the Professional Committee , related media and corporate representatives of more than 40 people attended the meeting. Zhou Guangjun meeting was chaired by the Secretary General.

    Nianlin Zhu , chairman of the first speech and informed the 2013 Bakery & Confectionery industry overview . Nianlin Zhu emphasis in the report , food safety is related to the events of people's lives , as food grease leading enterprises , should take the lead in the production of safe, nutritious , high-quality products to meet customer requirements. Specialty fats as food processing materials must be safe and reliable, member companies must provide healthy food for consumers, enterprises and self-discipline is necessary to ensure food safety. Food grease after the establishment of the Commission should play a supervisory role , so that the healthy development of the industry .

    Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Jiukui describes recent revision of the relevant national standards and progress , especially those being consulted standards require companies to gather and report comments as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble.